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Rosette Mandala's are a very special type of beadwork. They deal with the circle of life, and sometimes you don't have much control over what comes out.

This is a Contemporary Rosette Lace Necklace and Matching Earrings. The colors are Capri Blue, Lemon, Crystal Rainbow and Pearl White. It is beaded with size 11 Miyuki Rocaille Seed Beads and the Chain is a crochet Rope. The Center is a Milli Flora Bead.

The Rope is 20 inches long and the Rosette is 2 inches in diameter and 7 inches long with fringe. There is 1 Milli Flora Bead in the Rosette and 2 Milli Flora Beads in the Rope.  The Earrings are 3.75 inches long and The Earwires are 14k Gold Fill.


This Set is $45 US                                     

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This Beaded Bag/Purse Measures 3.75 x 5 inches without the fringe.  The strap is a shoulder strap 21 inches from neck to waist (42 Inches overall and is done in the Potawatomi Weave.   This is a stunning Beaded bag and If you Purchase it you will love it.  

The Huichol Indians in Mexico call this pattern "THE SHAMAN'S WINDOW".  These pattern's are beaded for their Gods.     

The Pattern for this Bag is available on my PATTERN Page.  It was created with Bead Creator Pro 3.0  


The Shawman's Window Bag Is    $250.00  US                            

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Eagel Necklace made of tiny Delica #15 Beads.  Measures 4" by 4".  Necklace strap is 16" long.


Egal Necklace                             $50.00  US                               

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This Beautiful Blue Goldstone Necklace and Earring Set is created with the tiniest (Size 15) Silver Beads and Blue Goldstone Chips.   The unique stitch is a crochet Rope.   Necklace is 22 inches long.  The Earrings are 2 inches long with Sterling Silver ear wires.     


Blue Goldstone is a perfect gift for loved ones who are away as it is believed to store energy of those who touch it. It may deflect negative energies and is highly regarded as a protection mineral. Mystics use it for long-distance healing. Its copper content makes it helpful in areas of inflammation and increasing blood flow.

It is used as an energy stone.

This Set is $45 US             Sold                                               

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This is an Amulet bag, done in the Peyote stitch. ,is called "The End of the Trail".  This tiny Amulet bag is 2.5 Inches by 1.75 inches without the fringe.  Overall with fringe it is 5.5 inches long.  The Strap is 17 inches for an overall length from neck to tip of fringe of 21 1/2 Inches.

The Click on the Picture for a larger picture to see the True Beauty of the beads and color.   And to see the Back of the Bag.

Matching Earrings are Shown on page 3.


End of Trail Amulet bag    $80.00  US    Sold                



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This Beautiful Beaded Knitted Bag is a one of a kind creation.  I call it Autumn Leaves.

The Picture does not show the beauty of the beads.  The Main Color is Dark Gold with Metallic Gold Thread.   There are Autumn leaves on the Strap Also. 


This is a unique pattern that you will never see anywhere else.  It measures 5.50 inches long by 3.5 inches wide.  The strap is 34 inches in length.







Autumn Leaves Bag     $150  US                                                   






(Click on Picture for Enlargement)


The Peyote Button Amulet Bag, Barrette, Earrings  and Bracelet Set. The Bag is 2 by 6, including Fringe.  The Strap is 24 inches.  The Barrette is 4 by 1.375 inches.  The Earrings are 1.5 by 4 inches long, including Fringe .  The Bracelet is 1.375 by 6.75.

The gold beads and bugles in this set are all 24k Gold Plated.  The Amulet Bag and Earrings have Swarovski Crystals size 3mm, 4mm and 5mm in the Fringe and Strap.

The Earrings have 14k Gold Earwires.

The Peyote Button Set for  20% Disc    $72.00 US           


The Peyote Button Amulet Bag              $40.00  US                         

The Peyote Button Barrette                    $15.00  US                


The Peyote Button Earrings                    $15.00  US                                 

The Peyote Button Bracelet                    $20.00 US                 

This is a Amulet bag, done in the Peyote stitch.  I call this design "The Windows of the Gods".  This Amulet bag is a nice size at 4 Inches by 2 3/4 inches without the fringe.  Overall with fringe it is 7 inches long.  The Strap is done in the Potawatomi Weave and is 32 inches for an overall length from neck to tip of fringe of 23 Inches.

The Beauty of the Beads and the true color doesn't show up in my pictures.  The Colors range from a Rusty Brown Matte,  to a Creamy Opaque Beige. 

Check out the Barrette and Earrings on page 3 that are a match to this bag.  

Window of the Gods         Sold                           

    (Click on Picture for Enlargement)

This Bracelet is stitched with the Net Stitch Technique in the  "Sacred Hikuri Cactus"Design.  It is  Hand Crafted in Size 15 Miyuki Seed Beads.    It is 61/2 inches Long and 1 1/8 inches wide. 

                                Huikuri Cactus Bracelet             $25US                                                



This Bracelet is hand stitched in the Net Stitch in Size 15 Miyuki Seed Beads.    The design is called "The Journey through Life" from the Huichol Indians .    It is 6 3/4 inches Long and 1 inch wide. 

                                 Journey of Life Bracelet      $25.00 US                                          

US Flag Bracelet Fun to ware for the 4th of July. Measures 7 1/2 inches long.
Red, White, and Blue \ With 24k Gold Plated Delica Beads.


                                    US Flag Bracelet    $20.00 US                                                  


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